Plants to start a Tropical Food Forest Workshop

02.12.2017 - 03.12.2017

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Plants to start a Tropical Food Forest Workshop

with Edouard van Diem December 2nd-3rd 2017 at the Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar (in Kiswahili and English)

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Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is an ecological planning strategy that began with the planning of complex, self-sustaining land-use systems. One of the most sustainable land use systems is the forest garden. Following the model of natural forests and forest edges, an entire system is designed that resembles the principles of the natural forest.

The tremendous productivity of forests is mainly due to the fact that many niches are exploited in space and time, and the plants’ functions for the entire system. They often live in symbiosis and support each other in a complex system.

This course is addressed to individuals for their personal projects, and people working in the private or NGO sector, specifically in the fields of agriculture, forests or nature restoration.


Course content

All teaching will be in Kiswahili and English!

We will learn from the example of Robert Hart, who made sure that in his forest all plants have a direct benefit for humans in the form of food or medicine. Thus, he replaced the layers of the forest with crops, planted fruit trees for the tree layers, and fruit shrubs as shrubs. Among them were herbs, perennial vegetables and tubers. Vertical and horizontal, he let beans, wine and even kiwi vines. Through this he created a dense, nourishing wilderness, which after the planting phase scarcely needed care, since it consisted almost exclusively of perennial plants. This workshop focusses especially on plants that are good to use when starting a tropical food forest.


The teacher

Edouard van Diem has been on the Permaculture journey for 12 years, starting his own Permaculture education center, the Permakultur Campus in Hamburg, Germany, four years ago. The Permakultur Campus offers Permaculture related workshops and courses, and also the certification of the Permaculture Diploma, a 1-2 year training in Permaculture design. Edouard has also been very active in working with projects abroad and giving consultation to businesses and NGOs in Haiti, Palestine, and the DR Congo.


The venue – PPIZ

You will be accommodated in the school dormitory building within the beautiful gardens of the Practical Permaculture Institute, 15min from the historical city of Stone Town. Accommodation is simple but traditional, with rooms shared amongst two people each and communal shower and compost toilets. Fees include full board of a tropical breakfast, and Zanzibari spice cuisine for lunch and dinner each day, starting with dinner on arrival night December 1st 2017 and ending with lunch on the last day, December 3rd 2017. Please let us know about any dietary preferences/restrictions in advance!

We kindly ask all participants for personal use to bring organic/natural shower gel/shampoo in order to keep our grey water systems chemical free. We kindly request all on-organic trash to be taken back home, so please reconsider all items you want to bring along. Ladies, please consider getting a Menstrual Cup as alternative to one time use Pads/Tampons, if you are not on that track already 🙂


Full course fees are US $ 80

Fees include:

–              Full board and accommodation throughout the course (three meals per day)

–              Certificate from PK Campus Germany and PPIZ

The course is limited to 20 participants to ensure proper personal guidance and an intensive learning atmosphere. All payments to PPIZ:

International PK 72 h Bild10




December 2nd-3rd 2017

Arrival Details

Participants are expected to arrive the day prior the course start, on December 1st (dinner included) to register themselves and settle in. The course ends after the graduation on Sunday afternoon, December 3rd. Last included meal will be the lunch that day. Additional meals and nights at PPIZ post/prior the PDC can be arranged for an additional fee.



Book your spot now by contacting Laura: